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Pursuant to the laws that govern open enrollment, applications filed after the March 1, 2022 for the 2022-2023 school year will not be approved unless the reason for late filing qualifies for “good cause”. “Good cause” means a change in the status of a child’s resident district for any of the reasons listed below.  The deadline for kindergarten students is September 1. 

σFamily moved to a new district of residence. 

σ Change in the marital status of the student’s parents

σ Placement of the student into foster care resulting in new resident district

σ  Adoption resulting in new resident district

σParticipation in a foreign exchange program

σ Participation in a substance abuse or mental health treatment program resulting in new resident district

σ Failure of negotiations for reorganization or rejection of proposed reorganization plan

 σ Failure of negotiations for whole grade sharing or rejection of whole grade sharing

 σ Loss of accreditation or revocation of a charter school contract
σ Severe health and/or pervasive harassment (If the application is being  made in response to an alleged severe health need or pervasive harassment of student, the RESIDENT district will notify the applicant of status.  The applicant must provide resident district with status of health concern or history of harassment occurring after March 1 deadline.)


Please contact the school for more information or if you need to obtain the forms. The form, as well as the directions for filling out the form, are attached below. 

Download this file (SY22-23_OpenEnrollmentApplication_508.pdf)22-23 Open Enrollment Form[ ]402 kB