Louisa-Muscatine Falcons

Dear Louisa-Muscatine Families,


We are excited to let you know about the food pantry that will be opening at L-M Schools this Fall. We are partnering with the Food Bank of Iowa in Ottumwa, Iowa, and we will receive a delivery of food once a month. The food pantry groceries will be offered at no cost to our L-M families.


L-M families and any of their family members may utilize the pantry. To participate in the food program you will need to complete a confidential form and communicate your interest by contacting the school office. Contact the L-M Elementary or L-M Secondary building office and give them your contact information. You will be contacted prior to the beginning of school this fall to secure your participation in the free program. Please call the office ASAP!


Some of the offerings are cereal, pasta, pasta sauce, mac and cheese, soup, beans, cookies, crackers, bread, eggs, milk, potatoes, fresh apples, canned vegetables and fruit, pork loins,  pork patties, ground venison, and frozen pies, baking supplies, and beverages. Food items will vary depending on monthly availability. We are so excited to offer this food service to all interested L-M families!


L-M schools also partner with community organizations to provide a Friday “Backpack Food Program” which provides weekend snacks and light meals to students. If you are interested in participating in this program or the L-M Food Pantry Program please call the school office and give your name and contact information. We also are interested in expanding the “Backpack Program” and are looking for additional contributors. If you are interested in donating to this program please contact the L-M Elementary office.  If you have further questions please direct them to Kim VanSickle, L-M Elementary School Counselor @ 319-726-3634.                                                       


Thank you so much! 

L-M Food Pantry Organizers