Louisa-Muscatine Falcons


I am writing to let you know that the Louisa-Muscatine School Board
voted last night to require face masks by individuals on school
property.  The official motion was in part...

It is required that all persons on Louisa-Muscatine school property wear facemasks except when social distancing is possible as determined by the building principal and

The exception to this rule is when a superior ruling body determines otherwise (Examples: Girls Union, BoysAssoc., Music Assoc.).  This policy will be implemented into the
return to learn plan and reviewed monthly by the superintendent and
board president.

A face mask was given/offered to each student at school today.  If
more are needed, please have your child request for another one at the
school office.  Face masks will be needed to board a school bus or
attend a class starting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18.  Disposable
masks will be provided when needed.

Have a good evening,
Mike Van Sickle