Louisa-Muscatine Falcons


The Annual Southeast Iowa Super Conference Art Show results for L-M are as follows:

Best of Show
"Welcome to the Jungle" by Nic Bartenhagen
Mixed Media
1st Place - "The Birdseye View" by Clarinda Robledo
Computer Generated Art
1st Place  "Space World" by David Sywassink
2nd Place "I Don't Know 3 - The Final Chapter"  by Clay Giberson
3rd Place "Bearsworld" by Trenton Brewer
Honorable Mention  "Cellophane"  by David Sywassink
1st Place "The Little Garden Shed" by Stephenee Scwandke
2nd Place "Waterlily at the House on the Rock" by Annabelle VanAuken
Honorable Mention "Duck on Lake Delton" by Annabelle VanAuken
Chromatic drawing
3rd Place "Serpentine Serpent" by Nic Bartenhagen
Commercial Art / Graphic Design
3rd Place  "After Prom T-shirt design"  by Tanner Carter
Exhibitor "A Tale of Thirteen" by Whittney Morse
Exhibitor  "Power" by Madison Mashek
Exhibitor  "The Next Show" by Joslin Crumly
Exhibitor  "Solo" by Harmony  Barrick