Louisa-Muscatine Falcons




                        WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR ACHIEVEMENTS!


Academic Achievement/Improvement

Haley Avis, Jersey Lessenger, and McKenna Hohenadel.
Shelly Longstreth, Drew Scheidler, and Madisyn Gerdts.
Lucille Engel, Katie Hearn, and Lily Riggan.
Destiney Miller, Max Mashek, and Paul Hoopes.
School Spirit
Erin Bramble, Hailey Wingerter, and Maya Ziegenhorn.
Morgan Stecher, Spencer Kessel, and Brynn Jeambey.



Awards by Department 


Family and Consumer Science

Taylor Hargrave, Brock Jeambey, and Zoe Sulzberger: Food Preparation.
Industrial Tech
Tyler Hansen
Sarah Martinez, Chancellor Tomer, Drew Scheidler, Brynn Jeambey, and Samantha Martinez.
Jasmine Negron: Writing, Lucille Engel: Reading, and McKenna Hohenadel: Speaking.
Isabelle True: Writing, Annabelle VanAuken: Reading, and Drake Townsend: Writing.
Emma Freyermuth and Lydia Lamp

Physical Education

Drew Scheidler and McKenna Hohenadel


Soup-er Cook-Off Results!


Here are the results based off of just the foods class scores, the highest possible score would be 500. 
In First Place, we have Taco Soup with 454 votes


In Second Place, we have Cheesy Potato and Bacon with 392 votes
In Third Place, we have Chicken Noodle Soup with 373 votes 
In Fourth Place, we have Cheesy Potato and Brock-Ali Soup with 351 votes




I had a total of 77 people vote on 11 soups made by both staff and students. Here are the results: 


First: Chicken Taco: 17 Votes (Pam) 


Second: Cheesy Potato W/ Bacon 11 Votes (Alexia Fulcher and Katilynn Schwab)


Third: Baked Potato: 10 Votes (Mrs. Putnam-Genz) 


Fourth: Kids are Going Down Soup (Casey) and Chili-licous(Bristol Bartenhagen and Jailee Ahlf): 9 Votes 


Fifth: Cheesy Potato w/o Bacon: 8 Votes (Emilee Truitt and Hanna McConnaha)


Sixth: Taco Soup: 7 votes (Wesley Folley and Jayson Symmonds) 


Seventh: Italian-o Soup and Chicken Noodle Soup: (Dylan Allison, Alex Gomez, and Eddie Wilhelm) 5 votes


Eighth: Brock-Ali Soup (Thomas Tucker and Tiel Feramil) and Grandma Wood's Soup- 1 Vote (Mrs. Putnam-Genz) 


Your name: Becky Feldman
Current Position at LM: 6th-grade teacher
Years of experience: This is my 10th year of teaching
Years at L-M: 10
Name of your high school: West Liberty High School
What college did you attend? UNI
Tell us about your family: I am married to Nick who works as an engineer at HNI.  We have three children, Kaelyn (7), Zach (4), and Makenzie (1 1/2).
What are you involved in outside of school? Outside of school I stay busy with my children's activities, playing golf, and reading.
What's your funniest L-M memory? My funniest L-M memory was when we had 6th-grade talent shows.  The upper wing teachers danced to a Bruno Mars song with the 6th graders.  I'm sure we looked pretty funny!
Who's your work-bestie? I would have to pick two groups: My team of 6th-grade teachers makes coming to work every day the best.  Sue and Jacque are two people who push me to do better each day and help me to continue to love what I do.  The second group would be my friends who live in West Liberty but teach at L-M.  We have all been doing this for over 10 years and love carpooling and working in this community.
What's one thing you wish L-M Had that we don't? A staff gym with daycare  :)
If you could visit any place in the world where would you go and why? I would like to travel to Greece.
Who inspires you? My co-workers inspire me.  Each day I see teachers and staff going above and beyond what is required to help students feel cared for and help them get the best education possible.
If you could be a member of any TV sitcom family, which would you choose? I would choose to be a member of Modern Family probably.  I don't watch much TV, but this show seems pretty fun. 
What's something you're bad at? I struggle with math, but as I tell my 6th graders, I am always working to improve!
If you had one million dollars to donate to a charity, which would you choose? I would donate to a charity that helps people in poverty.  I think that if we can help educate those that are impoverished that we can end the cycle of struggles for families that continue down the same path as those before them. 





Island Lighthouse Food Pantry

Open Third Tuesday of Month (December 18)

2:00 pm---5:30 pm

Island United Methodist Church

2598 Stewart Road

Muscatine, Iowa

Serving L-M School District

and Fruitland Township

Identification with name and

proof of current address required

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and will not discriminate against any applicant/participant in any aspect of program administration for reasons of age, sex, race, color, disability, religious creed, national origin or political beliefs.