March 2019 Newsletter

For some awful reason, this winter weather is sticking around. Hopefully, by mid-march, we will no longer see snow covered grounds. In the meantime, we are gearing up for spring. 

Spring means that track and golf are also right around the corner. With sports brings some much needed outdoor time. Here are some great things going on within our district to hold us over until then.


HyVee Shop and Save 

When shopping at HyVee please take one of these tickets with you! When checking out hand over to the cashier. All proceeds will go to support L-M After Prom!

Please click the link for HyVee Shop and Save Ticket


The After Prom Committee T-Shirt Contest! 


The After Prom Committee conducted a T-shirt design contest. The theme of Prom this year is "Starry Night".  Juniors and Seniors voted on the design entries by artists Stephenee Schwandke, Trenton Brewer, Morgan Nowak, and Tanner Carter.  Tanner's design was the winning entry.  Thank you to all who entered and voted!

Designs By: Morgan Nowak, Stephenee Schwanke, Tanner Carter, Trenton Brewer.