April 18, 2018 News Update

Here's the latest and greatest from L-M's amazing staff, students & community. Thanks for taking the time to celebrate our successes and achievements with us!



Kindergarten Round-Up:

Kindergarten Round-Up will be held Monday, April 23 & Tuesday, April 24. PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE NO KINDERGARTEN CLASSES THESE DAYS.



Save the Dates!  The 2018 Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge officially begins on Monday May 7th 2018

Educators, librarians and community partners can visit the website starting Monday April 9th for pre-registration and get students signed up for the challenge!

Visit website here:





FFA Plant Sales





Hunter Connor Signs with SWMS



Hunter Connor signs Letter of Intent to continue his education and wrestling career at Southwest Minnesota State University.

Pictured: James, Hunter and Eugenia Connor

 Nurse's Notes...
 The Vaccine Clinic for 6th and 11th grade students will be held on April 25th.
They will begin at the elementary at 9:00 then will proceed to the HS.Medications will be sent home:   Seniors on May 16th
                                                    PS- Elementary- 7th through 11th May 23rd.
Please watch for them to come home with your student.
Borrowed clothing from the elementary-  Please check for any clothing labeled LM .  If you have any, please return them to the school nurse.  We are running low on clothing to lend out to students when needed.
Mandatory Requirements due by the first day of school fall 2018-2019 School Year: 
Kindergarten-  Up to date Immunization Certificate
                        Vision Screening Certificate
                        Dental Screening Certificate
                        Reported Blood Lead Level
3rd Grade- Vision Screening Certificate
7th Grade- Immunization Certificate with proof of current Tdap and Meningitis Vaccine
9th Grade- Dental Screening Certificate
12th Grade- Immunization Screening Certificate with proof of current Tdap and Meningitis Vaccine
If no proof of vaccines by the first day of school your student will be sent home.
 PROM 2018 Pictures
           2018 Prom King & Queen
           Zack Bieri & Cat Osborn

Conference Art Show
We saw a lot of success with the conference art show this year. Below are pictures from the event and also some of the works that were selected. Great job to all of our L-M artists!! 
Animation Workshop                                                      Pottery Workshop
Clay Giberson & Trent Brewer                                       Alexis Watson & Stephenee Schwandke 
"Lungs" by Aleis Watson                                                              "Split Serpent" by: Olivia Danz
2nd Place - Mixed Media                                                          Sculpture                                             
"Untitled" by Nic Bartenhagen                                           "I Bless the Rains"  by Trenton Brewer
3rd Place - Crafts                                                                       1st Place - Computer Generated
"Etranj bet" by Riley Skidmore                                      "Of the Earth" by Nic Bartenhagen
2nd Place - Sculpture                                                       1st Place - Chromatic Drawing
"Social Comment" by Riley Skidmore                    "Blue Vessel" by Amy Magana
Sculpture                                                                   Ceramics
"Tree" by Alexis Watson                                      "I Don't Know 2" by Clay Giberson
2nd Place - Ceramics                                              Computer Generated