Music Boosters

Louisa-Muscatine Music Boosters

The Music Boosters meet on the first Monday of the month (except September & January) at 5:30 PM in the High School Choir Room. New members are welcome - please plan to attend!  Like our Facebook page for updates -

2018-19 Officers

President- Dana Miller
Vice President- Jennifer Massey
Secretary- Cynthia Randall
Treasurer- Melissa Hohenadel



The Louisa-Muscatine Music Boosters serve all of the music students and their instructors. Both the Elementary and Jr./Sr. High school programs receive funds generated by Music Boosters. School budgets do not fund all the needs of our music programs and the Music Boosters are pleased to assist the music students and their instructors with those expenses.  Music Boosters have funded things like a projector, penny whistles and vests for the Elementary students. At the Jr./Sr. High, the Music Boosters have paid for meals, transportation, instruments, garment bags, stereo systems, uniforms, and all the medals earned by your music students.  Every four years, music students travel to New York City to perform.  Music Boosters assists with miscellaneous expenses associated with this trip so they are not passed along to the students and their families.  Music Boosters meet the first Monday of the month during the school year (except September & January) at 5:30 PM in the High School ChoirRoom. Parents and Guardians are welcome to join by attending a meeting. If you are not able to attend a meeting and wish to help at our fall concession stands, please call or text any officer at the numbers listed above.  Each year theMusic Boosters runs the concession stands for football and volleyball games. Music parents are encouraged to help once during the year for the benefit your student receives from Music Booster funding. Thank you!