On Oct. 12th (the second night of parent teacher conferences) you have the option of getting help filing the FAFSA. FAFSA is the first step to applying for financial aid for college. Lupe Hernandez from ICAN (Iowa College Access Network) and Susan Dickinson of The University of Iowa will be here to assist families in completing the FAFSA.
*Even if you are not sure where you/your student are planning to go in the fall you can still complete FAFSA. It is always best to get it completed as it can help with your decision making process.

Prior to the appointment, you and your student should have a FAFSA ID from this link (those with seniors in my MCC Strategies class will do this as an assignment).

Appointments will be in 45 minute increments. If you cannot make that night, I can still schedule appointments at other times. I am working on getting more nights of availability.

Additionally, Lupe from ICAN will be doing a college planning/financial aid presentation at 7 PM Oct 12th. Please attend!